Thursday, July 22, 2010

Poop happens. Especially in my house.

Yep, poop happens. 
Life is full of poop. 

As any parent knows, there is a lot of poop when your loved ones are little. Constant diaper changes from the moment your babe is born till he or she is potty trained.  Then it is accident clean up time. And then if you have another child, it starts all over again.

Puppy Fendi is potty training, and well, she's a dog, so there is always something to be picked up in a bag - either inside or outside the house.  Thank goodness, mostly outside these days.

Plus she loves to eat deer poop.  And there is no shortage of that in our back yard.  Same with bear poop.

Iain is potty training too, and seems to forget that his bathing suit is not a diaper.  He insists on going without swim diapers, so you can only imagine what happens when, well, you know.

And now, unexpectedly, we have a cat.  And gosh darn it, she has to poop too!   And guess who has to clean out the little box?  Yeah, you guessed it.  Me.

And then there are my two big boys, who sometimes - well, more than sometimes - forget to flush.

So, after I'd just cleaned out the litter box, wiped up the mess on the bathroom floor from a rather full bathing suit for the third time in three days and was bending over in the grass with doggy baggy in hand,  I let go and screamed.  MY LIFE IS POOP!!

Ahh, that feels better.

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  1. I have been fact I'm still there. We got a puppy when I was 4 months pregnant with number 3, and the older two were 3 and 1 and still in diapers...I figured, I already spend every minute dealing with poo...what's a little more? Now our chickens are free range and I step in chicken poo (which, I'll admit, is the grossest of all poos) at least once a week...sometimes in bare feet. Sigh. Great, honest post!